The Ignite-TEK Platform


Award-Winning Automatic Speech Recognition

Utilizing AppTek’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) solutions creates better recognition and insights. Years of R&D experience, innovative technology expertise, intellectual property, and successful solutions are leveraged in the form of custom models for client specific applications. By combining key customer applications with AppTek’s deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Ignite-TEK offers its customers a robust and scalable platform built one campaign at a time.

Model Training

AppTek is a science first company and Lucid leverages its extensive staff of PHD experts in the field of speech recognition. AppTek trains all ASR models on very large collections of annotated audio data. The training data is compiled from a wide variety of sources in order to achieve a high level of generalization. AppTek's extensive telephony models include a wide range of accents to achieve best-in-class recognition.

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Custom Model Training

Unlike most speech recogntion platforms, the AppTek ASR offers custom models based on audio and lexicon fedback to deliver superior results on a client-by-client basis.


The platform was originally built as a government application to quickly and accurately sift through critical conversations with high demands for accuracy.

Advanced Features

AppTek's ASR technology features speaker separation and diarisation, noise adaptation, automatic punctuation, redaction, intelligent line segmentation and more.


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Bringing it all together.

The Ignite-TEK/AppTek Technology Stack

Ignite-Tek relies on its proprietary speech technology within a unique ASR/NLU engine, to provide more access points, increased customer engagement, and new platforms for AI-based customer feedback. Ignite-TEK SaaS applications are quick to implement, affordable, and leverages customer experience data to inform in the areas of lifetime value, retention, compliance, and optimization.

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