Discover DIVA

The "Digital Intelligent Voice Assistant" for a frictionless buying experience.

DIVA is the deep learning multi-modal natural language understanding platform built for frictionless voice-driven interaction across mobile applications. Now you can power any app with artificial intelligence and an engaging conversational voice for your customers.

Speech-Driven Commerce

As more customers choose to speak to their applications, DIVA offers a voice-enabled buying experience that keeps customers engaged with accurate delivery of customer requests.

Machine-Learning Platform

DIVA incorporates the latest machine learning technologies including Deep Neural Network combined with Artificial Intelligence and hybrid machine translation.


DIVA speaks over 10 different languages with accurate translations across platforms.


Extract user profile, willingness to purchase, relationship building (my wife, my daughter), hobbies and more to create a customized experience based on the customer using AI with predictive shopping against pre-existing data.


Personalized and Customized Experience- Each app or product is based off a different script customized to that product; not one size fits all.

Focused on Metrics

DIVA expands campaigns by improving ROI, loyalty, product ranking and other key metrics.

DIVA Voice Shopping is now available on the App Store.

DIVA Multi-Modal Interactions

Engage customers more effectively every step of the process.

DIVA, rich in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, provides turn-key features to keep customers engaged in the buying process, manage order selection, select and modify variants, learn shipment preferences, enable reviews, transact seamless returns and more - all via conversational voice.

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