Mitigate compliance and inconsistent quality

Stop Paying to Listen to a Few Calls;
Aggregate and Mine 100% of Your Conversations Instead

It’s cost prohibitive to manually listen to or read every exchange, given constrained resources and high staffing costs to do so. The LucidVueCX QA and Compliance platform automates the process of finding non-compliant phrases and similar utterances for you. As manual QA processes inherently bring with it human error and a potential for inaccurate data, the resulting output may contain biased information or inaccurate scoring for interactions. Additionally, skewed qualitative insights of QA agents are more likely given the tediousness of the process during customer exchanges. As most contact centers score less than 15% of engagements, random sampling is not enough and manually listening to more calls is cost prohibitive. Further, if not proactively discovered, such errors could be both costly and damaging to your business and brand.

LucidVueCX gives you the power to unlock every conversation and pinpoint potential issues from all exchanges without the additional costs of manual labor. Everything starts with better and more accurate recognition, and Lucid uses the latest generation of artificial intelligence technologies for best-in-class accuracy. It takes the guesswork out of improving customer experience, agent performance, and customer insights - moving decision making from anecdotal to fact-based decisions, and from qualitative to quantitative information, to increase overall insights and decision-making abilities while also freeing yourself of the cost of manually listening and reading exchanges.

Award-Winning AI Technology for Your Contact Center

According to a New Bright Pattern April 2020 survey, while 78% of contact centers are currently using or planning to use AI in the near future, many are unsure how to get started.1 Ignite-TEK can accelerate AI adoption in your contact center, moving you from manual to automated processes, by combining award-winning AI-enabled speech technologies with decades of experience delivering best-in-class contact center solutions at scale.

Keep your focus on the problems you need to solve, not how to solve them with AI. Our team of world-renowned AI scientists and experienced account managers have you covered with LucidVueCX in your contact center. Quality and Compliance evaluation with the help of AI will allow your team to manage solutions instead of spending time collecting scorecards.


Best-In-Class Automatic Speech Recognition

Your ability to identify risk and compliance infractions is only as good as the automatic speech recognition technology behind it. Ignite-TEK uses parent company AppTek’s award-winning automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies, built on years of R&D experience in leading enterprise and government applications. AppTek's focus on telephony models including many variants of accented English make it one of the most accurate solutions available in the world today.

Try AppTek's Award Winning ASR for Yourself

An automated quality assurance process removes human bias — and offers complete transparency and consistency across all business centers.

LucidVueCX Fast and Affordable Call Auditing

Manage Compliance and the Customer Experience

LucidVueCX conversation analytics allows business managers to organize unstructured data into an extensive knowledge base that the QA team can use to discover information relevant to numerous departments. We empower you to instantly monitor and identify potential violations, then create actionable alerts to remediate any resulting damage if a rep falls out of compliance. It also improves agents’ efficiency through behavior and script modification while increasing close rates.

LucidVueCX also allows managers to find the strongest and weakest points of all your exchanges from calls to social outlets to reviews, to refine existing customer service models and fine-tune scripts. In addition, not having to painstakingly analyze phone calls frees up the time of QA staff, enabling them to shift their focus to training agents and drill down into problem calls as well as to be able to better mine for the sentiment of the caller and issues beyond the purpose of the individual calls as well.

  • Eliminate Compliance Risks - Ensure direct sales contact center reps comply with scripting requirements improving both performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify Training Opportunities - Quickly evaluate calls to discover opportunities for improving customer service and individual sales representative training and scripting.
  • Improve Retention - Mitigate churn by discovering detailed reasons inside customer conversations. Understand trends that may be contributing to returns and develop smarter customer-driven strategies
  • Gather Comprehensive Insights - Monitor your brand with quantitative feedback from the customers’ perspective, including products, policy, pricing and service.
  • Analyze Channel Performance - Get a deep understanding of your customers behaviors across all channels without asking them for feedback.
  • Ensure Data Security - Ignite-TEK works with you to verify your data is in compliance with built-in PCI redaction and other tools. Options available for cloud or on-premise deployment.
Discover LucidVueCX

Why LucidVueCX for QA and Compliance?

Automatic Speech Recognition

LucidVueCX has the highest quality speech recognition custom-built from AppTek's world-renowned scientists with training to improve results further over time.

Customized to Scale
AI Technology

LucidVueCX custom-tailors its technology to fit your business. The platform is Saas-Based with no telecom, CRM or IT integration required. Simple batch file transfers and you are up and running.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Science and Management Team

Our team of accredited and awarded AI scientists combined with our experienced account management team with decades of contact center experience deliver state-of-the-art solutions to meet your specific business goals one campaign at a time.

LucidVueCX. The Invaluable,Non-Intrusive, Cost-Efficient, Comprehensive, Hassle-Free, Easy-to-Implement QA and compliance platform.


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